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How Do You Get Herpes November 3, 2008

Posted by herpesanswers in health.
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How do you get herpes? How is the herpes virus transmitted?

Herpes is caused by the virus called herpes simplex. The virus is of two categories – HSV-1 and HSV-2. These viruses can enter the body through mucous membranes and tiny skin cuts. The mucous membranes refer to the anus, genitals, and mouth; so that would mean that you can get the virus through sexual contact and by simply kissing an infected person. Once the skin lesions begin to shed, the higher the chance of virus transmission.

If you’re infected with genital herpes, you can infect your partner through sexual intercourse. If the herpes outbreak is still active, your partner is more susceptible to the virus. Transmission can also take place in oral sex. If you have cold sores and you’re involved with oral sex, the virus can also be passed on to your partner. There are also times when asymptomatic shedding occurs and so the herpes is not visible. If that individual engages in any sexual activity, the virus will still be transmitted.

Prodome phase is when you already feel itching, burning or tingling sensations, and pain prior to the herpes outbreak. In this phase, possible virus transmission is quite high. The individual should be responsible enough to abstain from any sexual act at this phase.

As mentioned earlier, herpes can also be transmitted in other ways like skin cuts, infected individuals should also restrain from touching the affected area to avoid infecting other parts of the body. If you touch the affected area, refrain from rubbing or scratching other parts of the body; instead, wash your hands thoroughly. Try to maintain the cleanliness of the affected area. You can use water and soap when washing and you have to keep the area dry. You can pat it dry or you can use a hair dryer if you have one at home.

Gather as much information about herpes and its symptoms. The internet can help you in your search. You can use any of the search engines and type ‘herpes’. You will surely generate lots of results. You can save the info if you like for future reference. That way, you can check if you have the herpes symptoms.

The information you gather about herpes should not be used to replace medical advice. If you’re unsure, you can always visit your doctor and consult your current condition. Any one can be infected with herpes simplex so you should be prepared to combat it.

Once you get the infection, you can’t cure it. Prevention is the best answer when it comes to herpes. Having too many sexual partners is discouraged because you might be infected with the virus. Try to have only one sexual partner and you have to ensure that you’re partner is not infected with the virus. How do you get herpes? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because now you know how it is transmitted.

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